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Lighting boxes are the the majority of widely chosen sign due to its simpleness and cost advantages. Illuminated lighting boxes are made up of an aluminium extrusion encasing an acrylic screen with implemented vinyl textual content. You can modify your sign to integrate raised lettering. With a neat sign, all of the fittings are unseen from the exterior - these benefit in a clean finish.

The lights used are fluorescent tubes located behind the acrylic screen within the unit. DMT Signs can also use lighting boxes to develop signs that create halo special effects all-around stand off letters. Our lighting boxes are produced to any size and any colouring. We also produce double sided projecting lighting boxes.

DMT Signs produce and install synthetic letters which can be illuminated inside the body with neon or LED. DMT signs provide both solutions of illumination.

Neon has for many years been the conventional method of illuminating signage and synthetic letters. DMT signs can provide letters complete with specific back trays pre-drilled together with cable entry & exit pockets, neon installed on porcelain tube sustains, suitable transformers and calibration drawings.

Illuminated Sign Makers Manchester

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